Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cathedral Window folding techniques

My friend tricia ( introduced me to cathedral window and a range of similar folding techniques published by Lynn Edwards. I loved them so much I bought a couple of Lynn's books which are absolutely wonderful. I have photographed them below.

The cathedral window and other folded blocks used in my wall hanging were from the book on the left. I made 9 blocks in a cream floral fabric and calico. I joined the blocks together with strips of the floral cream fabric. I used the same fabric to make a border around the 9 blocks. I then layered the top with thin batting and calico for the backing. I used straight quilt stitch to enhance the windmill blocks and free motion quilting to frame the trumpets block (bear in mind that this is my first real go at free motion quilting). Finally I bound the quilt  with a 2.5 inch strip of calico, attachment to the quilt was achieved by machine stitch, folding over to the back of the quilt and sewing in place by hand. I hand stitched tabs to the top of the quilt for hanging.

I really love this method of quilting, I hope to make more! Anyway here it is.  

Some close ups.....

Cathedral window




  1. Ellie it is just beautiful, it is ready to put in any show. Tricia

    1. Thank you so much Tricia. I was quite pleased with this one, thank you so much for all your help. I really love the folding techniques