Monday, 9 September 2013

Colouriscious zip pockets

I spun some Aran weight yarn from some colour blended merino (Yorkshire range from Wingham wool work). I tried to ply the yarn so that the colour changes coordinated. Here is the finished yarn.

I knitted a simple rectangle and sewed the side a bottom edges to form a pocket.

As the yarn is not super even I decided to felt it to smooth out those oversized stitches. I also crocheted a similar pocket to test how the colours would come out with the different techniques. I used treble crochet on the crochet pocket so it came together very quickly. However, I forgot to take a picture of the crocheted version before I felted it. I popped the pockets in the machine at 50 degrees on a standard cycle. Once I reshaped the pockets and allowed them to dry I sewed on zips. Here is the finished result. I much prefer how the colours came out on the knitted version. I think felting is a great way to use up my handspun yarn while I am still learning to spin. 

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