Sunday, 9 February 2014

Saxophone accessory case

My father in law, Dave, was in need of a case for his saxophone mouth pieces so I made a little case for just this purpose. I measured the saxophone mouth pieces and strap and made the pockets accordingly. It is difficult to see the pockets as I used black thread on the black fabric.

Here is the bag with the pieces placed on top so you can see where they fit. The gold piece fits in the opening at the top. The other black mouth pieces fit in the gap in the center and the strap fits into the bottom pocket.  It is made of black velvet and black jersey fabric. I overlooked the edges and used zigzag stitch to attach Velcro pieces. The whole thing was made of one large piece of black velvet for the back / top flap, one medium size piece of back velvet for the bottom pocket, a small piece of velvet for the flap for the bottom pocket (this also gives acces to the bottom pocket and is attached to base of top pocket) and finally a piece of black jersey for the top pocket. To form the 3 sections for the top pocket I used a standard straight stitch.

The bag fits nicely inside the bell of the saxophone.

So the mouth pieces and strap can be stored inside the saxophone inside the case.

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