Friday, 22 August 2014

Fantastic natural dyeing course by Ros Wilson

Last weekend I went on a natural dyeing course lead by Ros Wilson, it was very inspiring and made the prospect of the whole dyeing process a lot less bewildering. She showed us how different mordants effect the final colour and I was very surprised about how vivid the colours I could achive!

Here are the colours we achieved with 3 different mordants and 4 different natural dyes. We used onion skins, weld, cochineal and logwood, can you guess which ones are which?

Ros has a wonderful garden and workshop, here are our skeins drying in the sunshine.

If anyone is interested in any of the courses Ros teaches you can find out more at her website:

She is a great teacher. She also does talks on how to design your own knitting patterns which I hope to attend.

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