Sunday, 23 November 2014

Masquerade ball - Mask and broach

Last night I attended a masquerade ball in aid of children with eye cancer. It was organised by Katie Lord and Natalie Crowe. They did such a good job of organising it, I had such a good time! I made my own mask out of organza. I used a technique that Kathleen Laurel Sage uses to create wonderful floral creations. I used free motion stitching and used a soldering iron to cut out the shape. I could not resist adding lots of sequins, using beads to you can not see the threads attaching them. It turned out to be quite comfortable and I really enjoyed wearing my disguise! I also made a matching broach. The mask and broach has hints of yellow to match my dress.

Here is a closer look at my sequins and silver stitches....

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