Sunday, 30 August 2015

A little bit of free style hand embroidery

I picked up a little embroidery kit from Rowandean. I fell in love with the ones that had been made up and I just had to have one. Their style is to use a free style of embroidery on top of organza to create a lovely colourful background. I adapted the embroidery slightly from the original pattern, it was great fun. I am planning on designing one of these myself, maybe with some poppies next time. It only took a few hours to complete as well. I framed it in a plain white frame so as not to detract from the lovely colours...

Here is how the original patterned looked...

If you would like to pick up a kit for yourself you can order one through the Rowandean website. The pattern I had was called blue Delphiniums. 

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