Sunday, 17 February 2013

Owl Needle Case

I was inspired by a friend to create a case to carry all my sewing needles in one place. I was fed up of keeping them in my pin cushion as they get pushed into the cushion lost forever! So here it is my needle case themed around the owl material which I purchased a few weeks ago without knowing what I was going to do with it.

I cut out pieces of owl and plain blue material 12x6 inches, placed the right sides facing and sewed a quarter inch seem leaving a gap to turn it the right side out again. Once it was the right side out I ironed it flat and over sewed it with a zigzag stitch. Note: in retrospect I would have included some bating before I sewed it up to give it more body. I sewed a few pieces of felt down the centre line to form a book. A couple of these I had edged with hand blanket stitch, or machine stitch of some description. I also sewed a square of felt to the inside front and back to form additional space for needles. Then I added some needle felted owls to a few of the pages to add interest. And lastly I hand sewed press studs to the inside and a few coordinating buttons to the outside, so that they were aligned. Anyway that's enough talking here are some pictures!

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