Saturday, 27 April 2013

A new Joy!

I have recently purchased a spinning wheel an Ashford joy. I love it! Previously i could not understand how people had the patience to spin their own yarn, but now i have the bug. I have been practicing on some blue wool tops, the result was a little lumpy, but i am sure i am getting the hang of it!

I finished spinning some texel fleece into a two ply Aran weight yarn, see white hank below.

Below is some Jacob yarn that I have been spinning (see before and after carding and spinning images below) a little on the rough side but a good practice yarn as it has a long staple length. I am thinking of using yarn the crochet some baskets as it is quite tough! Love the colour!

Watch this space for less lumpy yarn!


  1. Have you photos of any quilting ????

  2. happy spinning!!! I have a Kromski Fantasia 2 weeks ago, I love it very much :)

    1. The Kromski Fantasia looks gorgeous, Happy spinning to you too! Thanks for reading my blog :)