Saturday, 11 May 2013

Quilted cutting mat bag

Quilted cutting mat bag- side 1
Quilted cutting mat bag siide 2

In this project I aimed to try out a few new different patchwork blocks. I used 8 inch square blocks, quilted them individually a sewed them together using the quilt as you go method. In retrospect I would have used thinner batting as it does bulk the bag out and make it a lot harder to piece together. There are 30 blocks in total to cover an A1 size cutting mat. Once I had joined them all together I added a strip to the top edges of the bag to make it large enough for the cutting mat and top sewed the edges together. Here are a few close up examples of the blocks.

For the sides of the bag, I used a simple binding technique, where I sewed the two parts of the bag together with an additional strip which was folded over to cover the raw edges and finally hand sewn into place. The straps were 1.5 inch strips lined with heavy duty interfacing, finished with a top sewn edge. Sewn into place in the top seam as well as the seam below to strengthen it.

 I am contemplating adding pockets on the inside of the bag for ruler's. I have not quite decided yet though!


  1. Lovely work ,have you a next project in mind yet or have you started.

    1. I am thinking of making a log cabin cushion cover with some scraps of material I got from the bargain basket in John Lewis. I also plan to make a quilt from a charm square pack, however I can't quite decide whether to go with a basic pinwheel repeat or something a bit more complicated.