Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spring Chicken, fluffy lambs and a rabbit!

I am feeling very spring like of late. I bought myself a lovely Tilda book called Crafting springtime gifts. It has 25 different sewing projects including a chicken, lamb and a rabbit that I have tried out.

I made the rabbit first to go in my sewing room. I made the dungarees from my favourite cotton fabric that have have had for ages. Gorgeous blue and grey.

I saw the chicken pattern and thought it was the ideal gift for my friend Sarah! She loves chickens! It was tricky and took ages to stuff because of the skinny legs. In the end it turned out OK though. It has a bit of quirky charm!

Lastly, the lambs. The fabric was up-cycled from a pair of cushion covers that was made from some type of synthetic material that looked so woolly! They were destined to be turned into lambs! After I sewed the facial features they looked very different. One looked more feminine and the other masculine, this spurred me on to sew the appliqué with coordinating pink and blue thread. I think the lambs will live in the craft room with my rabbit. I love the fuzzy ears! I might try the Goose and the hare next! The Goose feet look a bit tricky but they do look very cute!

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