Saturday, 2 November 2013

Owl cushion cover

I wanted to try the freezer paper method of appliqué. Tricia Vint (aka The pied pedlar on google blogger) showed me how and this is how it turned out. 

I used large vermicelli free motion quilting to surround the owl. I made it into a cushion cover with a pink trim around the edge and a heart trim on the back (bottom, centre photo). I made the back opening overlap so I did not need to use any buttons or zips. I think if I was going to do it again I would make sure I snip around the edges at more regular intervals before folding over the appliqué. This would have made the edges smoother. Also I ended up padding the eyes with some wadding to make the eyes pop out and prevent the grey owl body fabric showing through the white of the eyes. I hand stitched the eyes and the beak on but the rest I attached using my machine.

I made another version of the Owl using the heat and bond method which I preferred compared to the freezer paper. I also used the blanket stitch to attach all the pieces using my machine, which I was very pleased with. I was thinking of turning this into another cushion cover but I am not sure yet. I will post the final product when it's finished. 

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