Saturday, 30 November 2013

Weaving Workshop with the the Worstead spinners, weavers and dyers

I recently became a member of the Worstead Weavers, spinners and dyers group in Dilham near Wroxham. We meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays and all the people are really lovely and friendly. Last week we had a weaving taster day. I had never woven before and I learnt a lot that day. We used fingers pegs and a peg loom to start. Here are the samples I made, not enough to make anything with but I got the hang of the technique. These could be used for making bag straps or a rug for instance.

We went on to more complicated looms. I made this scarf (below) on an ashford knitters loom. 

Lastly we used the Ashford 8 shaft loom. This was my favourite as you could do lots of patterns on it. However, I think the knitters loom is more my level as I would not have a clue how to set up the Warp! Definitely a craft I would like to continue! 

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