Sunday, 5 January 2014

Juki MO654DE serger review

Yesterday I purchased a new Juki MO654DE overlocker! I love it! I was looking for a mid range serger that did a rolled hem. I was unsure whether to purchase the Bernina 800DL a Janome 6234XL or the Juki MO654DE. I ruled out the Juki 700 series as despite the increased price the machines did not have a lot more features. I also ruled out the Janome as it seemed to be quite an old model and figured the technology may have improved since then. I had been told that the bernina and juki are made in the same factory, so I decided on the Juki as the standard foot could be used to add elastic and tape whereas the Bernina required extra feet. You can get extra feet for the juki which are specific for tape or Elastic etc. but at least you can get away with using the standard foot. I think the more specific feet have a larger space for the tape or Elastic but the standard foot worked fine with quater inch tape.

I found the instruction Manuel easy to follow and surprisingly easy to thread. I had been advised that this particular model was one of the easier ones to thread. I am very pleased with the machine as it is sturdy and does a good quality stitch. This model sounded much more robust compared to other cheaper sergers. I definitely think it was worth spending a little extra rather than purchasing an economy serger. The blade cuts through the fabric like butter and the machine has the capability of running very fast. Overall I am so pleased that I purchased this model and I would recommend this to anyway looking to buy there first serger. 

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  1. I recently had a question about whether the machine does a straight stitch as well as overlocking. It does indeed sew two rows of straight stitch as well as looping around the edge of the fabric.This means that the machine sews the seam as well as finishing off the edge. All the best. Ellie