Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lacy knickers and vest top sets for Christmas gifts

As Christmas is sadly over, I can reveal some of the things I made as gifts. Earlier this year I learned to sew stretch fabric at a class lead by Emma from Emeliana Underwear, I decided to use my new skills to make gifts for a couple of my friends back home in Shropshire. I used patterns from emiliana underwear so if you wish you can get the same patterns yourself. The vest tops are all standard, but there are two styles of knickers. The pink are low rise shorts and the black and white horse print are Italian bikini style. Emma's kits are available at: She also sells pre made knickers too, but who could miss the fun of making your own!

I got the stretch horse fabric from a shop on ebay called theremnantshop. The purple stretch fabric was from Watson and Thornton habadashery in Shrewsbury. I used stretch lace from sew simple in Taverham, Norwich. I used zigzag stitch to attach the lace a a stretch straight stitch for the seams. 


  1. Did you make you underwear before you got your over locker ? Thy are very useful on stretch fabric.

    1. Yes I made these before I bought my new over locker. It makes the fabric so much easier to work with!