Saturday, 6 December 2014

Cowboy incubator quilt

At Drayton patchwork and quilters, we have been making quilts for premature baby incubators. The incubators can therefore be covered at night so that it seems like night time, as the lights are on in the ward for 24 hours. This is my effort, a cowboy themed quilt inspired by the fabric used to make the cowboy boot appliqué and also the backing. The appliqué was made using the heat and bond technique. I photocopied one of the cowboy hats from the backing fabric and blew up the size by 200% to get the larger hat shape. I used free motion to create details on the hat and used satin and zigzag stitches to finish the edges of the appliqué. Great fun to make. I have plans to make another one, but not sure I will get it done before Christmas.