Friday, 6 May 2016

Another simple lace cowl

A little while ago I designed a knitting pattern for a simple lace cowl. Recently I had someone contact me to say that they thought there was a mistake on row 3 of the pattern. I tested the knit again and it turns out she was right the pattern should have read (K2Tog, Yf) until the last 3 stitches and K2Tog, K1. I had missed out the K1 at the end of the row which must have been a bit confusing. To make sure the pattern was accurate I asked my lovely friend Liz to test knit it for me and it turns out that was the only mistake in the pattern. So if you are interested in knitting this free pattern you can find it by following this link. It is a very quick knit and uses less than 50g of DK yarn, so a great de-stash project.