Sunday, 5 April 2015

Double zigzag bobbin lace panel

I have finally finished a bobbin lace panel I started working on about a month ago. The pattern was from a website called Jo Edkins bobbin lace school. It has lots of lovely free bobbin lace patterns and easy to understand cartoons of the stitches. The pattern is named 'another double zigzag' and consists of torchon ground, rose ground, triangle ground, whole stitch, half stitch and spiders. It gave me a chance to have a go at a few patterns I had not tried before. I especially enjoyed the rose ground. I  am planning to use this piece to add interest to a bag, but I am still not sure yet. I am now working on a crinoline lady and plan to make a swan. 

Here is how it looked when I was making it. 30 pairs of bobbins was a bit of a handful! 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter Chicken

We did a chicken making class with Nina at Drayton patchwork and quilters for easter. Nina's chicken was amazing, so I wanted to have a go. My chicken was not quite as good as Nina's but I had loads of fun in the class making it. I made it for my friend Sarah as she absolutely loves chickens! I love the shape of the body, so cute! The main body is foundations pieced and quilted using fancy stitches on my machine. Great fun.

Here she is, Happy Easter!