Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Here is a link to my Ravelry Design page, However each pattern is linked below. Sock patterns can also be found on my online shop

Triangulum Blanket

Country Garden Socks

Candy Cane Sock Pattern

Buttercup Socks

V for Valentine Socks - FREE pattern

To Love an to Cherish Socks - FREE pattern

Toe Up Sock Tutorial  - YouTube Tutorial - FREE Tutorial

Simple Top down socks Printable Pattern and You Tube Video - FREE pattern/tutorial

Crocheted Hexagon Box - FREE pattern

Little felted purse - FREE pattern

Rolled over crochet bowl - FREE pattern

Simple button stripe cow - FREE pattern

Simple Lace Cowl - FREE pattern


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  4. I just watched your utube clip with sock tubes. Were can I learn how to add the heel.As I live alone & often not well I need something to do like just knitting tubes. I don’t know how to change this old email address.My new one is

  5. found your podcast when I was looking on YouTube for help when starting Lace as a craft. From then on I watch your live podcast every week and I am now looking to knit socks in a 'Tube'. Plain to start off then graduate to pattern socks. I admire all the crafts you can do in a week. Think I am doing too much housework instead of crafts!!!

  6. Do you have the written pattern for the toe up sock tutorial?

  7. Thank you for such quick service on my order. Love your podcast like a Ray of sunshine love everyone xxx