Monday, 20 August 2012

A Simple Lace Cowl

This week I have been working on a simple lace pattern for a cowl. I decided to work it flat as I cant get to grips with the magic loop method of knitting in the round and I did not have the right size needles to use double pointed needles. I used a garter stitch lace pattern at the edges to reduce curling and I decided to keep the lace pattern simple and not too 'holey' so it still keeps you warm in the winter. Here is the pattern. Happy knitting!! Please let me know how you get on.

Simple Lace Cowl (Dice pattern)

Needle Size: 4.5mm
Yarn: just under 50g of double knit yarn (I used Sublime baby cashmere merino silk)
Finished size: 10 x 5.8 inches once sewn
Gauge: 20.5 stitches and 29 rows in 4 inches square in stocking stitch

K = Knit
K2tog = Knit 2 together
Yf = Yarn forward

Cast on 101 stitches

Bottom Edging
Row 1: Knit (101 stitches)
Row 2: (K2tog, Yf) repeat until the last three stitches and finish with K2tog, K1 (100 stitches)
Row 3: Knit (100 stitches)
Row 4: Knit (100 stitches)

Main body / pattern:
(purl all even rows) 
Maintain 100 stitches (main body only)

Row 1: K2, (K2tog, Yf, K1, Yf, K2tog, K2) x 14
Row 3: K4, (Yf, K2tog, K5) x 13, Yf, K2tog, K3
Row 5: Repeat row 1
Row 7: Knit
Row 9: K8, Yf, K2tog, (K5, Yf, K2tog) x 12, K6
Row 11: K6, K2tog, Yf, (K5, K2tog, Yf) x 12, K8
Row 13: Knit
Row 15: Repeat row 1
Row 17: Repeat row 3
Row 19: Repeat row 1
Row 21: Knit
Row 23: Repeat row 11
Row 25: Repeat row 9
Row 27: Knit
Row 29: Repeat row 1
Row 31: Repeat row 3
Row 33: Repeat row 1

Top Edging
Row 1: Knit (100 stitches)
Row 2: Knit (100 stitches)
Row 3: (K2tog, Yf) repeat to end (99 stitches)
Row 4: Knit (99 stitches)
Cast off loosely in Purl

Join sides to form a tube, block your work and enjoy!


  1. I really like your cowl. The design and pattern are beautiful. Am I allowed to sell a finished product or us your work copyrighted? Thank you for the info.

  2. Hi Lori, You are very welcome to sell knitted cowls made from my pattern. Best of luck with your sales. I would like to see some pictures of your cowls when you finish them. Best wishes Ellie

  3. Please note the correction to row3, K2 should be K3. This has been updated on the blog. Thanks to Lisa for spotting that mistake!

  4. thank you for sharing the pattern, the simple lace cowl looks lovely

  5. I really love your cowl very much. I would like to make it longer. Would you be able to tell me what the pattern repeat is please, so I could do this? Many thanks.

    1. Hi there! The pattern is really just one repeat but if you want to make it a little wider add rows 14-27 to the end of the pattern repeat before you do the boarder. I hope that helps 😀

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